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Inhambane Bay
Tofo beach
Diving with Mantas
directions to Turtle Cove


Turtle Cove and Anastasea is situated 480km north of Maputo on the EN1 North road. Take the Xai- Xai off-ramp just after the Maputo Toll Plaza and turn left onto the EN1.

This road takes you to all the coastal destinations north of the capital city of Maputo. (See map below to get onto the EN1 road to Xai-Xai). The South African Komatiepoort border is referred to as the RESSANO GARCIA BORDER in Mozambique. This is important for your return journey to follow the signs to RESSANO GARCIA as you will naturally not find sings to ‘Komatiepoort’ coming from Maputo when traveling back to the border.  

From the turn off onto the EN1, travel approximately 480 KM until you come to a
Y-Junction at which point; turn right towards Inhambane. There isn’t a sign so watch out for a small village called Lindela, the turning to Inhambane is just after this village. Do NOT take the road to Maxixe or VilanculosTake the Inhambane road.

Drive a further 30 KM to Inhambane. Keep going into Inhambane town until you see the pier on your left, turn right.  Continue up to the traffic circle where you need to take the third exit to TOFO/BARRA. (NOTE: ON YOUR WAY TO TOFO (about 6 or 7 kms from the traffic circle in Inhambane, you will see 4 palm trees on your right with white pain markings …. PLEASE SLOW RIGHT DOWN AS THERE IS A BIG SPEED BUMP IN THE ROAD AS YOU CROSS THE BRIDGE… THERE IS A SMALL ROAD SIGN WITH A ‘BUMP’ WARNING TOO.

You are now on the road to Tofo. Continue straight ahead, keeping to the main road for 15km until you reach a junction with Bar Babalaza on the corner. Turn right towards Tofo.

See Drawn Map below.

The first road to the right as you enter Tofo will take you to Turtle Cove & Annastasea (as per map below). This road is the 4x4 road only. If you do not have a 4x4, please continue to the SECOND ROAD to your right (as you enter Tofo) and follow the signs to Turtle Cove from here. 

Call Turtle Cove on 82 719 4848 if you are lost. When you are dialing cell numbers from Mozambique, the 0 falls away.  If you are dialing from International Roaming, the number is 00258 82 719 4848